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Nov 10

November 10, 2015

MakerSpace gets Organized.

MakerSpace gets Organized.

One of the most important elements of getting an idea off the ground is buy in. If two guys just come up with a cool idea in the woods, does anyone care…wait..I messed up that joke. But seriously, if Doug and I did not have the backing of our forward thinking principal and our amazing parent teacher club, this idea would be dead in the water. Or more likely, just relegated to happening inside of just our classrooms. Yet, at…

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Nov 4

November 4, 2015

MakerSpace: The Journey Begins

MakerSpace: The Journey Begins

I tweeted. Yep, I’ve had a class Twitter account for over 4 years, and I have done pretty much zero with it. Never saw a point. No need to keep up with the celebrity gossip that fills the twitterverse. It was was by all accounts, worthless to me. Then they hired The Weird Teacher, no, seriously, he likes being called that. The Weird Teacher (@theweirdteacher), blue hair, no chairs in his classroom, and he lowered all the desks in his…

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Mar 22

March 22, 2013

Collaboration with Parent Organizations to Fund Technology

Collaboration with Parent Organizations to Fund Technology

One of the big questions I get is, “how have you funded all your devices?” To be honest, it has not been easy. I have scoured over the internet and dug through other technology sites looking for grants that would match what my plans are in my classroom. In the end, I found very little that helped me, so I decided to find a way to enact change at the local school level to fund technology dreams for myself and…

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Feb 9

February 9, 2013

The Potential of Student Managed Technology

The Potential of Student Managed Technology

There’s a lot to be said about giving students jobs of some of everyday classroom duties that can easily be forgotten or overlooked. I started out by having students take care of taking our garbage cans and recycling bin out to the hall at the end of the day. Then came desk inspectors to make sure all of the trash and messes that live under our desks are taken care of before we leave for the day. Next came the…

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Dec 30

December 30, 2012

An Introduction to the Flipped Classroom

An Introduction to the Flipped Classroom

I once stumbled upon the TED talk by Dan Meyer, a High School Mathematics teacher who introduced me to the idea of the Flipped Classroom (see: How the Flipped Classroom was Born). The flipped classroom is still new to me, but I really liked what I was hearing from Dan in his TED presentation, “Math Class Needs a Makeover”. Math is not being taught to its fullest potential. We need students to experience math, see it in action, and then…

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Oct 23

October 23, 2012

Creating a Podcast in an Elementary Classroom

Creating a Podcast in an Elementary Classroom

Podcasting can sound like a tedious and scary project to tackle with your class, and admittedly I have been putting off trying it for the past year.  But this year, I have reignited my desire to try out this new type of media, and I have to report to you all, that it turned out amazingly. What is Podcasting you might ask?  Podcasting is simply a voice recording that is made into a file format that is easily placed onto…

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Jun 28

June 28, 2012 Makes Dreams a Reality Makes Dreams a Reality

I have been a registered user of for about a year.  I had taken a look at how the site works, but I never took the time to fill out the project form and use the site for its true, meaningful purpose.  To be honest, whenever I would shop for the products that they have available for newly registered users my internet browser would kick me out or the site would time-out and I would lose the shopping cart…

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Jun 24

June 24, 2012

Google Docs as a Hub for Collaboration

Google Docs as a Hub for Collaboration

Collaboration is a meaningful way to connect with your fellow teachers.  Whether you’re working on a new project or theme together, or crunching numbers and outcomes for a PLC goal, teachers need teachers.  Gone are the days of closing the door and teaching on your own.  Good teaching requires connections, and with the advancement in technology, it has become easier to connect with your neighboring teachers, next door to your classroom and across the world. Here are just a couple…

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