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Nov 4

November 4, 2015

MakerSpace: The Journey Begins

MakerSpace: The Journey Begins

I tweeted. Yep, I’ve had a class Twitter account for over 4 years, and I have done pretty much zero with it. Never saw a point. No need to keep up with the celebrity gossip that fills the twitterverse. It was was by all accounts, worthless to me. Then they hired The Weird Teacher, no, seriously, he likes being called that. The Weird Teacher (@theweirdteacher), blue hair, no chairs in his classroom, and he lowered all the desks in his…

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Mar 22

March 22, 2013

Collaboration with Parent Organizations to Fund Technology

Collaboration with Parent Organizations to Fund Technology

One of the big questions I get is, “how have you funded all your devices?” To be honest, it has not been easy. I have scoured over the internet and dug through other technology sites looking for grants that would match what my plans are in my classroom. In the end, I found very little that helped me, so I decided to find a way to enact change at the local school level to fund technology dreams for myself and…

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Jan 19

January 19, 2013

The Classroom Chromebooks Have Arrived!

The Classroom Chromebooks Have Arrived!

At the end of 2012, I received an email from stating that Google had partnered with them to offer Samsung’s Google Chromebooks at a drastically reduced price of $99 each (regularly $249). Stunned by this announcement and the price, I worked up a DonorsChoose project for 5 of the Chromebooks and submitted it. It would be a long shot, but worth the effort. Unbelievably, the project was funded within 24 hours of being approved by the donation site. I…

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Jul 17

July 17, 2012

Managing Handheld Technology in Class

Managing Handheld Technology in Class

My class has not reached out 1:1 ratio dream of handheld technology for each student, so we have to make the most of our limited devices which is at 13 this coming Fall. At the start of the year, I make sure we review all of the responsible ways we take care of technology.  I employ our school’s PBIS expectations and connect how to be Safe, Responsible and Respectful with the devices. We discuss costs for the technology, and how…

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Jun 28

June 28, 2012 Makes Dreams a Reality Makes Dreams a Reality

I have been a registered user of for about a year.  I had taken a look at how the site works, but I never took the time to fill out the project form and use the site for its true, meaningful purpose.  To be honest, whenever I would shop for the products that they have available for newly registered users my internet browser would kick me out or the site would time-out and I would lose the shopping cart…

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