Using Wordle to Create a Bulletin Board

Using Wordle to Create a Bulletin Board

September 15, 2012|Posted in: Bulletin Board, Web 2.0 Sites

If you have not seen yet, take a moment to check it out.  It’s the cool Web 2.0 site that inspired me to create this start of the year bulletin board.  I wanted kids to be inspired by asking questions this year.  I believe that we learn when we ask questions, even off the wall questions.  There’s a great web site, that I project in my classroom before the bell rings. But I’ll save that for another post soon!

Wordle offers a lot of customization, fonts, the array style of the words, and colors.  It really is a cool tool that kids love to look at and explore.  It really inspired me to try something not so linear, which is what I normally do at the start of the year.

I made the title inside of Photoshop and printed it on a few different pages since it was so big.  Then, I went to and typed in a bunch of different words that had to do with this year’s theme.  As you repeat a word more often in the wordle list, it becomes bigger.  Next, I took my class list and copy and pasted it into a new set of wordle words, and repeated a few names here and there so the sizes would vary.  Then, I printed and copied the question words and the student name wordle.

On a blank white sheet of construction paper, I laid out the gecko logo, the title, and then cut up all the wordle pages I had, and puzzle pieced them together.

Now, as students have big “life” questions, I plan to have them write those on neon stickie notes and we’ll add them around the outside of the bulletin board, that should really make the board pop!  Plus, it will continue to remind me of my theme for the year….We learn through the questions we ask.

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