Creating a Podcast in an Elementary Classroom

Creating a Podcast in an Elementary Classroom

October 23, 2012|Posted in: Authentic Writing, Collaboration, Handheld Technology, iPod, Reading, Writing

Podcasting can sound like a tedious and scary project to tackle with your class, and admittedly I have been putting off trying it for the past year.  But this year, I have reignited my desire to try out this new type of media, and I have to report to you all, that it turned out amazingly.

What is Podcasting you might ask?  Podcasting is simply a voice recording that is made into a file format that is easily placed onto an iPod device. For my class, we decided to use it as a voice recording of students reviewing what they had learned or researched about a topic.  I’d like to make a library of podcasts that would allow students to review all of the science and social studies topics throughout the year.

My class just finished a unit on the rock cycle, so as we moved onto our new Social Studies topic, and had a group of 5th grade students work on writing a quick and easy review of some of the rock cycle highlights.  Together, they wrote the script, divided up the parts, and recorded it using an iPod Touch (Memo App).

The most difficult part of the project was finding a quiet room to record the final version.  They settled on the principal’s office since she was at a district meeting.  In a few takes, they had recorded a really well done podcast. Our first, but certainly not our last.

Along with the podcast, I also had a student work up some music for the intro on our class iPad in GarageBand.  After emailing all of the files to me, I used my laptop’s GarageBand program to drag and drop the files into a podcast session (really much easier than that sounded).  After exporting it, I had the music file to showcase here, and on my class web site:

After the first real attempt, I have figured out how to stream line the process, using a few of the veteran podcasters to help new writers and readers get used to the recording phase.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with for the 13 Colonies and the Revolutionary War podcasts.

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