Out of the Box iPod & iPad Apps Ready for Students

Out of the Box iPod & iPad Apps Ready for Students

January 18, 2013|Posted in: App Reviews, Handheld Technology, iPad, iPod, Reading, Teaching Strategies, Writing

Many teachers ask me, “what can I do with this ipod right now?” It’s very common to be overwhelmed by the hundreds of thousands of apps that are available on the Apple App Store when you first start exploring. Often times, teachers just need to start with the basic apps to get accustomed to the technology before diving into the pool of amazing apps that are out there.

In the technology professional development class that I created, I introduce teachers to iPod uses that can integrate into classroom activities that many are already doing. Since some of these teachers are deploying iPods and iPads for the very first time, these apps are only the apps that are installed by default, therefore you can begin using them right away.

memoVoice Memo
1. Small groups and individual readers: use the Voice Memo recorder to record students oral reading prosody (inflections, phrasing, pauses) and correct word pronunciation. Have students self-evaluate their reading tone, and make corrections on a warm read (second time through).
2. Voice recordings can be saved to your computer for future reference and comparison.

1. As part of the revision / editing process, students can read their own stories and replay them to listen for errors.
2. Create Podcast of student learning and link to your web site.

Photo App
1. Using an image creation software, turn your Reading vocabulary words into photos slide show.

1. Create slides for math vocabulary terms based on units of study.
2. Save money on an app, and create your math fact photo slides (or just buy an app…)

musiciPod Music
1. Rip all of your reading curriculum CDs into MP3 format, and use the iPod Touch as a listening station for groups during Daily 5 times.
2. Books on MP3 can elevate students who are not yet ready, to try more difficult books.

2. Rip those math fact songs into MP3s and get to singing, or download any number of great Math Songs from iTunes.

safariSafari Web Browser
Your students have a connection to the world in their hands. Use it during your reading discussions, read-alouds, and class projects. Add popular useful links for easy access.

1. Online dictionary / thesaurus web sites (apps available too)
2. Easy research

1. Small groups can use the one minute timer to count words per minute. Record results on graph paper.

1. Self-time themselves on their math facts tests during independent time.
2. Use as a countdown timer under projectors to show how much time is left before you transition subjects.