SimCityEDU: The City Council

SimCityEDU: The City Council

November 6, 2013|Posted in: Project Based Learning, SimCityEDU

One of the first hurdles I had to address was the fact I have one computer to have 30 students build their cities on. Good news: SimCity allows you to have one plot of land with up to 11 cities. So I could have a variety of students create their own city and then connect it to the other cities within the same plot of land. The Bad news: still only one computer. I decided to make this a team-based project with groups having 5 people, and each person will have a role to play in building their city. Here are each of the roles I created as part of each city’s council. These students will work on each module and build their city together.

(Departments: Police, Fire, Schools)

  • Make sure all of the council members, including themselves, are doing their jobs and contributing to the group.
  • Encourage the council members to work hard and do their best.
  • Make sure that all of the day’s assignment are complete and look presentable.
  • Oversees the volume of group (one person talks at a time)

  • Construction Manager (Departments: Energy and Water)

  • Will rotate who works on the SimCity program for the day.  Using the feedback from the city council members, the construction manager will place the items in the city.
  • Before placing anything, there should be a discussion between council members which comes to an agreement. This is a process, not a free-for-all. (Unassigned items will be torn down at the expense of your city).

  • Treasurer (Departments: Hospitals and City Zoning Demand)

  • Keeps track of the current Simoleons and how much + or – is coming in.
  • Responsible for managing the funds available so that the city does not run out of money.
  • Using quick calculations, the treasurer can tell the council how much a purchase will leave the city in the bank.
  • They are also responsible for the recording of Simoleons on the record sheet.

  • Note Taker (Departments: Transportation and Roads)

  • Record notes throughout the Sim session.  If decisions are made, the note taker will have a note about it.
  • As new concerns arise from Sim citizens during the session they will record it on the daily record sheet.

  • Communicator (Departments: Waste Management: Garbage, Recycling and Sewers)

  • Ensure that all team members are able to contribute ideas
  • At times there will need to be quick presentations of your city, the communicator will fulfill this role, while navigating the city using the digital projector.
  • If the group has concerns, only the communicator will bring them to the teacher.