SimCity: Our First Mayoral Summit

SimCity: Our First Mayoral Summit

February 6, 2014|Posted in: SimCityEDU

During our class’ Daily 5 time, teams have been slowly working on building up their cities. Luckily we have not had any more close to bankruptcies like we did the first week. Teams are slowly planning out their new additions, some are planning ahead, while others are reacting to the citizens demands that pop up as they go along.

The amount of collaboration and discussion that is happening is unreal. Each team savors their time on the computer since we only have one still (I’m working on fixing that, just need two hard drives to get my new machines built). But they are instantly focused and on the job when they team gets called up.

Since my last blog, teams have completed a small research paper to decide what they will rename their city. Each team incorporated the landforms they already head (plateau, steppes, beach, etc) and added a name which had significance. We now have Clark City (after Meriweather Lewis), Limpet Beach, and Pacific City. I used the naming of the city as a bottleneck activity, where teams needed to create a name before they could continue on with building their city. A bit of writing weaved into a very fun building project. Here is the worksheet we used for this assignment along with incorporated certificate that each team got after they completed the renaming.

  1. What’s in a Name Worksheet
  2. Naming Document

I can now easily meet with my reading group while the City Councils work on their cities in quiet cooperative and focused whispers. Of course there are the gasps that happen when something unexpected happens (I’m looking at you jewelry store robber), but those occurrences instantly foster the discussion of, “well how can we fix that!?”. It’s really a joy to overhear them talking as a team on fixing problems without creating more.

The next step in this project is to invite all of the mayor’s of the cities to a Mayoral Summit during their lunch to discuss what they would like to choose as their city’s first specialization. I have found an excellent write up on each of the specializations available at, and students will use Close Reading skills to evaluate each of the choices and how it will effect their citizens and their city.

I can’t wait to see what students decide and the reasons behind it. It’s sure to be a memorably meeting, and I think it will really push the project to the next level, even though it’s already blown all my expectations out of the water.

Here is the document teams will be using to prepare for Mayors’ Summit.

  1. Mayors’ Summit Worksheet