Ten Minute PD: Constructed Response

Ten Minute PD: Constructed Response

March 18, 2015|Posted in: 10 minute PD, Math, Professional Development, Reading, Writing

10 minute Professional Development is a new series of posts I’ve decided to write because I saw a need for quick, down and dirty ideas that educators can use to expand their teaching. We all know we don’t have extra time in our day, so I’ve come up with a format for a quick post that outlines a teaching strategy or method and gathered a few resources on the topic for you to add to your quiver of teaching tools.

Constructed Responses
ELA Student Skill

Subjects: This is a writing skill that works perfectly within Reading of Social Studies, Science, and Math story problems.

Reason: Students tend to give as quick and as short an answer as possible. Constructed Responses ask students to go deeper and provide evidence from their reading to justify their answer.

1. Restate the question that was asked and then answer the question.
2. Give a reason why you feel that way.
3. Add evidence or examples (2 is good!) directly from the reading.
4. End with a concluding sentence (use your first sentence if you need to!)

Tasks to help you try it out:

I can statement:
I can construct a response using evidence from the reading.

Additional Learning:
Science Video (really begins at 2:00 mark – pretty involved example, but you will see the use)

Easier Topic (begins at 0:15)

Pinterest Boards
Writing: Constructed Responses

Have you tried constructed responses in your classroom? How did it go? What were some of the outcomes you saw, good or bad?

What should the next 10 minutes PD post be about?