Setting up small groups for Math with IXL

Setting up small groups for Math with IXL

June 16, 2012|Posted in: IXL Integration

IXL has a wonderful reports section that I often wonder how many teachers use to its fullest extent.  Here’s one of the first ways that I used an IXL report, and it now saves me a lot of time making small groups for students who need additional math support.

Let’s say you’ve taught your lesson, and you’re lucky enough to have the chance to use IXL after you’re lesson is done.  Your students all head into the lab and are working away at the skill that you’ve found that matches up with what you’ve taught.  The session is about half over and you want to know at a glance who gets it and who needs some help.  IXL reports can give you a quick small group in a matter of seconds.

IXL displays students' results

Making a Small Group based on a Skill:
Click on Reports
Click on Performance
Click on Skill Performance
Choose the skill you are currently teaching from the drop down menu, then you will see your students’ results.
At the top of the table of results, click on Smartscore (twice to sort by lowest scores) until you see the students who have not mastered the skill, presto you have a small group to reteach to.

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