MakerSpace gets Organized.

MakerSpace gets Organized.

November 10, 2015|Posted in: Collaboration, makerspace

One of the most important elements of getting an idea off the ground is buy in. If two guys just come up with a cool idea in the woods, does anyone care…wait..I messed up that joke. But seriously, if Doug and I did not have the backing of our forward thinking principal and our amazing parent teacher club, this idea would be dead in the water. Or more likely, just relegated to happening inside of just our classrooms. Yet, at each presentation, more and more support began to swell. It’s easy to see, this idea is important to so many people, but mainly, the kids.

Tonight our small committee of four met in our soon to be MakerSpace and reviewed how our plans were going. Our school’s TOSA has tracked down six Science tubs that we have been given and allowed to split up into MakerMaterials. She is also working with a contact at Home Depot to secure some donations or price reductions on bins and materials for storage. Our parent volunteer spent the better part of Friday, going business to business with our MakerSpace One Sheet trying to drum up support and interest in our new space.

We also decided to mark the calendar with our first official MakerFaire on May 26th. We plan to have a press release to the media, local government officials, our superintendent and other members of our community. Now…we get to make it all happen. No problem, right?

Our committee also decided to take our message and hopes of fund raising to social media and we setup a GoFundMe campaign to get us off and running. We are hopeful that the message and vision we have for this space is captured in our donation page. Any funding, either locally or through the web site will be an amazing push forward. Here is the campaign link if you’re interested. And please share it!

The momentum has not cooled down at all this week. In fact, I began using some time while students were finishing their writing projects to introduce Genius Hour to my students and they are currently devouring web sites and online content becoming experts and dreaming up ways to make projects to showcase their learning. The pieces are clicking into place. I wonder what next week will bring!