iPads in the classroom

iPads in the classroom

June 16, 2012|Posted in: Handheld Technology, iPad

Last November, I had the opportunity to take the Apple sponsored tour of Canby School District in Canby, Oregon.  This district has been at the forefront of technology integration for the past few years.  The district technology director, Joseph Morelock, walked us through the exciting things Canby has done.

One of the most amazing things, which became my own personal dream, was to put handheld technology into the hands of as many students as possible, even down to a 1:1 ratio of tech to student.

Teachers were a part of this integration, and were asked what they would do with technology in their classrooms.  They were tasked with writing innovation grants that let them dream up some very amazing uses for handheld technology.

In my classroom it’s a little different.  Over the past two years I have been slowly buying iPads and iPod Touch devices.  I’ve written numerous grants, one of which was partially funded, so next year we will get to add four more iPads (thank you Gresham Barlow Education Foundation!)

People often say, “hey what are you playing with an iPad for?” in class.  My students know, these are not toys, but computers, learning tools that have so many different school-appropriate applications that reinforce learning.

Right now, with only having 9 devices to share between 34-38 students, it can be difficult to see the full potential of handheld devices, but after seeing the classrooms in Canby that had 1:1 ratios, I will be doing everything I can to make this dream a reality for my students.

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