Entry Level Web Page Creation

Entry Level Web Page Creation

June 26, 2012|Posted in: Web 2.0 Sites

So for those of you who want to let students explore and create with online web design, the idea of creating big web sites may seem daunting.  There is a solution for you in the form of…a glog.  Yes, a glog.

The team over at Glogster.com has created a really fun and easy way for students to create web pages that can be used as a publishing step for many different projects. A Glog is a single web page that students build using drag and drop menu selections.  The editor is very user friendly, and having students get up to speed on this takes only a few minutes.

My students have used this as a method for sharing book reports and even personal narratives like this one about Fort Jackson by Amelia J. Other projects could include a biography of an author or historical figure or even design school PBIS posters for school wide expectations.  The ideas are limitless.  Just picture it as an online poster with its bright eye popping displays.  If you have creative students who need a place to express themselves, Glogster is for you.

Glogster was smart to setup a educational side to their web site.  The clipart (for the most part, depending on your opinion) is school appropriate. Glogster offers a single license which covers 50 students for $29.95 per year.  You can also register single users for free and try it out, but you won’t have quite as many management tools available.  Depending on how much you could use this with your class would justify the expense.  For me, the free signup was enough.  It really never took off for me fully, Google Sites was more of what I was looking to use.

Give it a try, and let me know what you think.  What kind of projects would this fit in with your class?

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