Vocabulary in iPod Touch Photo Gallery

Vocabulary in iPod Touch Photo Gallery

June 30, 2012|Posted in: Handheld Technology, iPad, Reading

Two years ago our district adopted the Literacy by Design Reading curriculum for all elementary schools.  This is a comprehensive reading program that outlines 16 thematic units focusing on eight comprehension strategies that seem pretty universal.

There is a strong focus on vocabulary in each LbD theme.  So I had an idea of how to utilize technology with these vocabulary words.  I created a slideshow for each of the themes, putting the single vocabulary word on one slide, then the word with the definition on the next slide.





I then put loaded them onto my classroom iPod Touch devices.  Using iTunes, I simply used the photo album option when managing my iPod.  On the photo album page you can point to the directory on your computer that has your vocabulary words.

It did take a lot of time to make these slides (16 units X 10 words each X 4th and 5th grades) but I figured, do the work now and I won’t have to do it ever again.  I simply made a template in Photoshop (any drawing type of program will work, Gimp is freeware and similar to Photoshop)

My students loved working with the vocabulary words, and getting to easily swipe between meaning and words.  They worked solo, and with partners during Daily 5 on these words, quizzing themselves and one another.  The work paid off, as vocabulary was one of the strongest categories in their end of theme tests.


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