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Drawing Lessons

Drawing has been a hobby of mine since as long as I can remember. I still have fond memories of drawing with my cousins Jake and Dwayne in the early morning hours during our sleep overs as kids. We would challenge each other to drawing certain objects then we would judge who had the best drawing. Eventually we began working on more difficult drawings, super heroes and Disney characters. Then, one warm afternoon, years later at a 4th of July get together Jake showed me a technique he was using to color in his drawings with colored pencils. That moment stuck with me, and forever altered the way my drawings would look. Just last year I got to see Jake's newest painting, it was so lifelike that I could not tell the difference between it and the photo he was inspired by. We've come a long way.

Here is my latest drawing and coloring of Disney's Lion King with Simba.

Lion King with Simba

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