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Hints (Vision - Escape the Room)

-Click the desk and note the map. The directions, N, S, E, W (North, South, East, West).
-View the desk again and click the shelf. Pick up the wine glass.
-Click the left drawer and get the screwdriver handle.
-Click the trashcan to the left of the desk and note the number in the circle.
-Click the right side of the desk and note the number in the triangle.
-Go left and click the left side of the niche where the plants are. Open the panel and turn off the lights. Go to the far right side of the plants and pick up the ”newsense” paper.
-Go left and click the right side drawers/cabinets. Note the clock on the wall.
-Open the bottom drawer. The puzzle’s buttons represent the map directions: N, S, E, W. Using the code “NEWSENSE”, press the buttons in the correct order to get the cabinet key.
-Use the cabinet key on the right side cabinet door and get the wine bottle.
-Lift up the bowl and open the top drawer. Get the wooden figure.
-Zoom out and click the right side of the stool. Note the number in the square.
-Click the books on the desk. Open the right most book and get the bottle opener. Note there is a slip of paper in the 2nd book from the left and the page that is ripped.
-View the bottle opener to open it until there is a corkscrew. View the wine bottle and use the corkscrew on it. View the glass and use the wine bottle on it. Get the earth marble.
-Click the left side cabinets and note a 4-digit code is required to open them.
-Click the space inbetween the left side cabinets and the wall. Get the crumpled paper. View the paper and click it to uncrumple it. Use the paper with the torn page in the book.
-Position the wooden figure until it resembles the one in the book. Click the head to get the desk drawer key.
-Use the desk drawer key on the right side drawer of the desk. Get the box.
-View the box and click the tab under the middle to open it up. Insert the marble, close it, and click the glass area. Note the formula Triangle + Square x Circle. Remove the marble from the box.
-Using the rules of multiplication/addition, multiple the numbers you got for the square and circle. Then add that product to the number for the triangle. Enter this 4-digit code into the cabinets.
-Get the metal piece (1) and the Venus fly trap.
-View the Venus fly trap and click the bottom of it. Note the position of the arrow.
-Click the clock and note the position of the screwdriver head. This indicates the arrow point found on the bottom of the Venus fly trap. Press the buttons on the clock that correspond (1, 4, 5, 7, 10). Get the screwdriver head. View the screwdriver handle and use the screwdriver head on it to get the screwdriver.
-Click the left side of the cabinets/drawers that has the 4 shelves.
-Use the screwdriver to undo the screws under the frog. Get the frog. View the frog until it turns around. Get the water marble. Use the water marble on the box and note the position of the arrows. Remove the marble.
-Click the very top of the shelves to get the handle.
-Go left to the view of the couch and painting. Lift the left seat cushion to get the crank handle. Note the 4 items shown in the painting (starfish, snail, shell, and coral rock).
-Click the painting and notice the arrows on each side of the frame. Click the arrows in the order that were indicated in the water marble. Get the picture.
-View the picture and turn it around. Get the box key.
-Use the box key on the wooden box under the desk. Get the earth marble.

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Mr. Stephens' Writing Journal
Fourth Grade

-Use the screwdriver to unscrew the reflective gem from the top of the box.
-Use the earth marble on the box and note the items indicated: clock, plant, and symbol found on the frog statue.
-Insert the earth marble into the frog’s eye. Make him face left. Place the frog on the shelf with the plants so the red plant is on its left. Turn on the lights.
-Note where the light from the frog’s eye is pointing on the clock. Insert the reflective gem in that slot.
-Note the spot where the light is shining on the floor. Click it and use the crank handle to open the niche under the plants. Get the metal piece (2).
-Click the metal stand to move it aside. View the handle you got earlier and press the correct pins so that it fits in the 3 holes in the wall. Get the wrench. Note the gear is moving.
-Use the wrench on the nuts on either side of the couch.
-Move the couch and get the metal piece (3). Insert all three metal pieces in the circle above the couch.
-Get the drawer key. Use this key on the left side of the shelving above the cabinet that required the 4-digit codes. Get the desert marble.
-Remember the 4 items in the painting? Note their position in this 4 x 4 sea grid. Number the squares 1 thru 16 from left to right, top to bottom (to make it easier on yourself).
-Use the desert marble in the box. Note the position of the fishbones. Remove the marble.
-Go back to the view of the desk with the map. Click the shelf on the wall on the left side. Position the fish in the correct position and then press the buttons that correspond with the location of the 4 items in the sea grid (6, 7, 12, 14). Open the box and get the sketch book and the head key. Read the sketchbook.
-Go back to the wall where the couch was. Reposition the wooden figure to match it so it fits among the metal pieces. Insert the head key into the top of the figure. Put the completed figure in the wall with the metal pieces.
-A door opens BUT you’re not out yet!
-Go outside. According to your sketch book, the Venus fly trap should open in the sunlight. View the fly trap and get the air marble. Note the code. Each symbol represents the location of numbers (Roman numerals) found outside: windmill, hexagon, cog, semi-circle, windmill. Remove the marble.
-View the right side of the balcony. Note the semi-circle number. Pull the handle to stop the windmill.
-Now look out the front of the balcony and close up on the windmill blade. Get the windmill number.
-Get the rusted cog piece (1) from the left side of the balcony.
-Go left again and open the panel. Get the cog. Oops! You’re stuck outside!
-View the cog to get the cog number.
-Click the handle again to move the windmill. Click above the door and you will eventually see on the windmill a blurred out spot. Click down.
-Click the right side rungs and go all the way up. Keep watching the windmill until you see the hexagon number.
-Go down once to the keypad.
-Following the pattern in the sketch book and the code from the air marble, press the numbers accordingly.
-Insert the cog to re-open the door. Phew! Get the drawer key (2).
-Use the drawer key (2) to open the locked drawer on the right side of the long dark desk/shelf. Get the rusted cog piece (2).
-Go back outside and take the cog piece back from the panel. Go up the ladder and insert the 2 rusted cog pieces.
-Stop the windmill before you go back inside.
-Go inside and use the cog piece on the gears under the plants.
-Go outside and restart the windmill.
-Back inside again to the moving gears. Watch the gears and get the cog key.
-Go into the doorway to outside but don’t go all the way out. You should have 4 marbles at this point:
-Click the panel in the side wall and press the button. Down you go!
-Leave the elevator and go forward to the puzzle. Click the puzzle to begin.
-Since you have 4 marbles (and is already inserted), you will be creating 5 characters: human, snail, bird, seahorse, and snake.
-Once you complete them insert the correct marbles: snail – earth, seahorse – water, bird – air, and snake – desert.
-Get the red key.
-Use the red key on the door and you’re out!

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