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Hall of Fame

symbolsThe Hall of Fame is the pinnacle of achievements in my classroom. This group of students have taken their learning of math facts to a new level. Each Friday, the class takes a timed test. They have 5 minutes to complete 100 multiplication facts (3 seconds per fact, for those of you playing at home). After they complete those facts, they must complete a 5 minute mixed multiplication test. Once that test is completed students are tested orally by myself, and if they have their facts memorized, I invite our principal into the room, and she quizes the students. Should they complete this test, they are awarded the Powell Valley Math Medal. But the journey has only begun.

The next set of quizes are the division facts, followed by the mixed division test. Again, only 5 minutes per test.

Once division is out of the way, students return to multiplication facts, but this time it's double digit multiplication, again, 5 minutes.

When that test is completed, the students take an equivalent fraction test, which begins to show them just how diverse the use of multiplication really is.

Finishing that test, unlocks the Linear Equation quiz, which tests the soon to be Hall of Famer on their use of addition, subtraction, and division.

The final and most strenuous Hall of Fame test is the Order of Operations test, which pushes the 4th graders to their limits.

The challenge is set, will you reach the Hall of Fame?

Sunnie Dog
Mr. Stephens' Writing Journal
Fourth Grade

2007-08 Students
Sam Adair
Connor Benevente
Tucker Dillon
Anna Larson
Emme Whistler

2010-11 Students
Jake Baker
Katelynn Doyle
Lora Snegur
Josie Edmiston
Chandler Hill
Chandler Lael
Jacob Nonamaker
Janet Ramos
Spencer Ramsey
Hannah Rispler

2008-09 Students
Marshall Johnson
Sam Winczewski
Sarah Meyer
Cody Tavernier
Ariel Sangoquiza
Caleb Allen
Hayden Morse
Tatyana Snegur

2011-12 Students
Kelsey Klinger
Chandler Hill *
Lily Parrish
Jenna Jette *
Joseph Washburn
Zach Jones
Tyler Sester
Jaden Fulsher

2009-10 Students
Amelia Joy
Kylie Williams
Conner Grimes
Emily Nagel
Jordan Miller
Jacob Biesterfeld
Tavish White
Luke Wittcke
Ally Haas

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