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Ripping it Up on the Court

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ďWhere did all this blood come from?Ē I asked, as I looked around the busy gymnasium. Gleaming, red puddles of blood were splattered all over the hard, cold floor. Thatís when I saw it. The source of the crimson blood was my own hand.

I let out a yelp, and looked down at my cupped hand. It was filling up with a pool of blood. Instantly, I began to feel faint. My knees started to shake, my brain felt dizzy, and I had to steady myself with my unhurt hand.

Then, it got much worse. I looked inside the wound on my hand, and I could see somethingÖ. it was the bone of my finger!

A friend helped me to the nurseís office, but I didnít remember him doing it. In fact, I didnít remember very much after seeing the shocking red. Thatís when the world went black, and I passed out in the nurseís office.

When I woke up, and found my two inner fingers were wrapped with bandages. It was so tight that my fingers were smashed together, they couldnít move by themselves. As I looked at my wrapped fingers, I tried hard to remember what had happened in PE. Thatís when it all became clear.

I had been trying to block a dodge ball throw, when I put my hand in front of the other kid. He was in full power throw mode, and my hand was in front of his arm. His wrist, went in between my fingers at full speed, and kept going, even when the skin didnít want to go any further. The force of his wrist, ripped through my fingers, and tore the skin in between from the front of my hand to the back.

And to this day, I never forget to keep my fingers together when someone is passing or throwing a ball. Plus, I have a very cool scar that I get to show off and it reminds me of this story.

I focused on the senses with this story. I wanted to make sure my students can play the movie in their mind when they read it. It's a captivating story that always gets my class squirming from the details.

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Mr. Stephens' Writing Journal
Fourth Grade

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