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Quick Write: Running down the Hall

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As Sonia ran down the school hallway, her shoes squeaked from the wetness she had tracked in from the playground. A strange feeling overwhelmed her all of a sudden. She was...alone.

Not a single soul was inside of the school. She had not realized the line she was a part of had simply vanished from around her. Her heart began to pump faster. Her knees grew weaker and she felt a small drip of panic hit her stomach.

"Hello?" she called out weakly, "can anyone hear me?" There was no reply, only deafening silence.

Sonia took a few more steps toward the classroom. She jiggled the door handle, only to find it totally locked. The panic grew larger. She started to run.

As she passed under the hall lights in the abandoned hallway, a strange new revelation occured to her. She looked up and noticed that each new bank of lights began to glow ten times brighter. Then they would fade to normal after she moved past them.


A quick write from my 2009-2010 4th grade class.

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Mr. Stephens' Writing Journal
Fourth Grade

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