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Quick Write: The Aquarium

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Sampson knew there would be trouble when he heard the cracking of glass near the aquarium. All the other students had left for lunch, but Sampson had been the last in line and had just reached the door when he heard it.

He glanced back at the fish tank and saw, to his horror, a crack in the glass. "How could this be?" he asked himself as he walked over to get a closer look.

He inspected the thin layer of glass, and he was startled by a drip of water on the outside of the tank. Then the water began to spray out very quickly. Thinking quickly, he plugged up the hole with a finger, but another hole popped up and began to spray. He plugged it too, but two more shot forth!

"Man this is as bad as a hydra from Lightning Thief!" Sampson thought.

With all ten fingers placed strategically around the cracking fish tank, Sampson had to use his mouth to catch the final jet of water. Luckily the water was clean, since no fish lived in it yet.


A quick write from my 2009-2010 4th grade class.

Sunnie Dog
Mr. Stephens' Writing Journal
Fourth Grade

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