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Lewis & Clark

Our unit on Lewis and Clark is coming to a close, but the seeds of discovery and adventure are certainly planted in the students this year. So many things were learned this year. It's always fun to see what my students connect with the most about Lewis and Clark's journey. I can depend on the stories of Sacagawea being a draw. The Corps of Discovery's meeting with their first Grizzly bear interested them very much. I can tell this year's class really connected with how important the journey was for America. They also understood just how fragile this group was. One bad decision, one misunderstood meeting with Native American tribes of the area, and they may not have recieved the help they needed to make it back home.

The story is timeless, and it's one of my most favorite topics to teach to the students.

This year we'll conclude our study of Lewis & Clark by writing a five paragraph expository paper. Students will get to select one of four topics to write about during the next weeks. It will be a challenging assignment, but I believe they are ready and well prepared for it.

I've included some very interesting links on the right side of this page. The links contain a lot of information about the Corps of Discovery and will enhance the lessons that were taught in class.

Lewis and Clark Expository Essay


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L&C Web Sites

Explore the Journals
Google Timeline
Map Making

The Corps of Discovery
York 1 2
Sacagawea 1 2 3 4
Toussaint Charbonneau 1 2
Jean Baptiste 1 2
Seaman, Lewis' Dog 1 Charles Floyd 1

The Journey
Mississippi River
Missiouri River
Fort Mandan
Great Falls
Yellowstone River
Rocky Mountains
Bitterroot Mountains
Columbie River
Pacific Ocean
Fort Clatsop

Sunnie Dog
Mr. Stephens' Writing Journal
Fourth Grade

Native American Tribes Lewis & Clark met Along the Journey
(Links coming soon)

Plains Indians
Blackfeet, Assiniboine, Crow, Hidatsa, Mandan, Yankton Sioux, Arikara, Teton Sioux, Ponca, Omaha, Otoe, Kaw, Missouri, Osage

Great Plains Indians
Shoshone, Bannock, Pauite

Plateau Indians
Yakama, Umatilla, Walla Walla, Nez Perce, Flathead, Wishram, Wanapum, Palouse, Cayuse, Klickitat, Methow

Northwest Coastal Indians
Chinook, Tillamook, Clatsop, Salishan

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