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Here are a few of the web sites I've found that will help solidify the lessons in class. Some may even help with your Hall of Fame goals.

Asking Questions

Note Keeping 101 Questions

Computer Programming

Codecademy (un:geckoteam / pw:geckoteam)
3D Rendering

Escape the Room Logic Games

Escape the room!
Escape the room 2! (hints)
Escape the Room (Lights)
Escape the Room (Sphere)

Art & Music

Create Techno Music Beats
Art Pad Painter
Google Art Project
Muro: Art Creator
This is Sand
Virtual Keyboard
Escape Motions (Flame)

Virtual Field Trips

Smithsonian: National Museum of Natural History
American Museum of Natural History
Carnegie Museum of Natural History Canadian Museum of Nature
Denver Art Museum
National Museum of the American Indian
Virtual Solar System Tour
The Size of Things Tour

Other Awesome Stuff

Greek Mythology Family Tree
Online Stop Watch
Brain Bashers
Rainy Mood

Typing Web

Google Docs

Multnomah County Library

Khan Academy
Sunnie Dog
Mr. Stephens' Writing Journal