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Throughout your year in Room 16, we will be working hard on improving our reading skills. There are many different pieces to becoming expert readers. It's important to know all of the skills that good readers have, so here is what we will be working on during your time with Gecko Team.

Fluency: The ability to read quickly both to yourself and outloud.
Accuracy: As you improve your reading speed, it's important to not make mistakes and read the words incorrectly.

There are 8 key comprehension strategies which we will work on this year:
- Making Connections
- Determining Importance (setting a purspose)
- Creating Images
- Using Fix-up Strategies
- Synthesizing
- Inferring
- Ask Questions
- Monitor Understanding

My Expectations of You...

- 30 minutes of reading every night (with someone or by yourself)

- That you know your current reading level, so you can pick "just right" books for you.

- That you understand how to use the resources in the library and how to find books quickly.

- That you are always showing respect when working in your reading partnerships and with your groups

Small Group Book Read Alouds
Volcano Man

Comprehension tests

Holes Dear Mr. Henshaw Boy who Spoke Dog

Featured Books

Sisters 8
The 39 Clues
Percy Jackson & The Olympians
Harry Potter

Featured 4th Grade Author(s)

Andrew Clements

Vocabulary Word Wall

(coming soon)

Literacy Games

Main Idea Game!
Word Jungle Game
Eye for Idioms
Vocab Builder
Synonym Sam

Book Lists

Newbery Award Winners

Caldecott Medal &
Honor Books

Sunnie Dog
Mr. Stephens' Writing Journal